Malaysia – Christmas is Just Round the Corner (1)

Christmas is just less than a month away and Malaysians are not missing out on this especially the shopping malls and stalls. Decorations are slowing popping up in pieces while others are in full bloom and ready for the celebration.

The following are photos from a shopping where they are getting ready from Christmas. Not sure what they making but in a few days time we will know

Top view from 2nd floor….. Mmmm looks like a map

20131126-101739 pm.jpg

Colourful and beautiful view from the top. Hot air balloons??

20131126-101748 pm.jpg

Ground level view…..

20131126-101757 pm.jpg

Lots of wooden rocking horses.

20131126-101804 pm.jpg

Another few shots of the hot air balloons and dressed up wooden rocking horses from ground level.

20131126-101811 pm.jpg

20131126-101819 pm.jpg

So.. If you want to find see the complete decorations, then stick with me here and you will find out. 😊


Malaysia – Next Big Celebration coming…. Hari Raya Puasa (1)

Malaysia is going to celebrate another big celebration in next coming months; Hari Raya Puasa is the joyous festival which celebrates the end of Ramadan. It occurs on the first day of the tenth month of Islamic lunar calendar when you can see the new moon.

As usual, the shopping complexes and all Muslims friends will start to prepare for their fasting month before the celebration of the joyous festival. The fasting month will start on the 10th Jul till 8th Aug this year and followed Hari Raya Puasa celebration by all Muslim and the rest of others races will also celebrate together with them.

It will be a 2 days holiday but the mass population transfer (unlike like in China) will happen a few days before that. Everyone will start their journey back home for the celebration and while others take opportunity to have a long weekend holiday.

Below you can see a hypermarket selling the Giant Bamboo torch where they are usually put it out on the perimeter of their house and lighted at night.


Decoration already up. You notice it is green in colour. For the Chinese New Year, it will be red in colour.


even the food companies already started advertising their stuff in conjunction with the celebration.


More pictures to come for the upcoming preparation for the Hari Raya Puasa. So stay tune…….

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 1)

Just after Christmas and New Year celebration around the world, another celebration is coming along at it is the Chinese New Year. Only a month plus away and signs of preparation can be slowly seen all around.

20130106-053946 PM.jpg
Even M&M is also celebrating the coming Chinese New Year

20130106-054012 PM.jpg lanterns are all up…

20130106-054035 PM.jpg damn… This is a huge hamper!!

20130106-054137 PM.jpg Hampers as gifts. People will buy and give to friends and relatives before the Chinese New Year.

So, stay tune for more pictures to come. 😊