Malaysia – The Chinese New Year’s Red Envelope or packet called Ang Pow…..

Chinese New Year celebration is just a day away. Today is the eve’s of Chinese New Year and all (nearly) are busy getting ready for tonight’s reunion dinner. Some have already started theirs prayers before the afternoon. Most of the Chinese shops or restaurants (especially those run by Chinese or Chinese families) will be close today or if even open, they will only open till noon time.

Today, I will just share with you some thing about the Chinese New Year’s Red Envelope or red packet which they called Ang Pow (which is Hokkien) or Hong Pow (in mandarin). In Asian societies, this red packet signifies a monetary gift especially in festive seasons like Chinese New Year and other special occasion such as a Chinese wedding.The red colour of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Below are some of the red packets that I have collected over the past years.

20140130-020417 pm.jpg

All sorts of red packets…… which banks, shops that will give out to their customers where they will put their logo on it.

20140130-020427 pm.jpg

These are the ones from the year of the dragon. Guess these are useful for the Year of the Dragon. Have to wait for next cycle to come; 10 years. =P

20140130-020444 pm.jpg

These ones are from the beauty center which they give out to their customers.

20140130-020454 pm.jpg

… and this years one; Year of the Horse with picture of the horse or ‘ma’ in mandarin on the red packets.

20140130-020504 pm.jpg

Anyway, will be getting busy soon…. stay tune for the Chinese New Year celebration!!!!

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 6)

More pictures of the Chinese New Year celebration fever which is around the corner. This is already part 6. Woa!! So much happening that can be seen.

Pomelo… a crisp citrus fruit native to South and Southeast Asia. During Chinese New Year, the Chinese uses this as offering during the prayers.

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (2)

More colourful decorations

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (3)

This is the Chinese New Year Bamboo Lucky plant

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (4)

More Chinese New Year cookies to choose from….

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (5)

Boxes and boxes of mandarin oranges.

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (6)

This mall has organized a Lantern making competition using only the red packets ‘ang pow’ for the customers to participate.

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (7)

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (8)

Chinese Prosperity Money God made of balloons!!

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (9)

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (10)

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (11)

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (12)