Malaysia – A Red Chinese New Year (4)

Guess you wanted more… and that’s why you are back. =)  Thanks for coming back here.

This is a cut out from a paper cutting of red paper. Can you see what is the picture they have cut out?

20140119-084232 pm.jpg

Open windows…..

20140119-084237 pm.jpg

… and old vintage Chinese bicycle. (this is something hard to find in Malaysia)

20140119-084243 pm.jpg

another showcase…. other part of old Chinese ‘mock up’ house

20140119-084249 pm.jpg

20140119-084255 pm.jpg

‘sunning’ the food under the ‘sun’

20140119-084301 pm.jpg

20140119-084310 pm.jpg

During that time when I was there, the mall also had arrange a lion dance performance to entertain the shoppers. You can see than the ‘lion’ was trying to cross a stream. Very interesting performance.

20140119-084316 pm.jpg

20140119-084322 pm.jpg

20140119-084327 pm.jpg

20140119-084335 pm.jpg

20140119-084340 pm.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Want more? Well.. keep following and you will find out. =)

21 thoughts on “Malaysia – A Red Chinese New Year (4)

    • Yup. Everyone enjoyed the lion dance performance. Guess that was the main attraction of the day. Most shopping malls had already arranged performances along the days heading to CNY but this is one of the performances that I managed to catch.

    • Well.. I am not sure how is the celebration in a Chinese city (in China) but as for my place in Penang, Malaysia, it will be noisy night when the clock strikes 12am as lots of fire crackers will be lighted.

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