My New Blog Site – Out of Blues Photography

Wow… I just started blogging seriously last November and I have just added another blog site to my name and it is Out of Blues Photography. This will be my 3rd blog site.

OoB Photography

hmmm.. What this site about you may ask? Well…it will cover photos or pictures that can neither fit into this blog or my food blog site. More like outliers. LOL!!!

Anyway enough of this. Why not you drop by and have a look and follow me then I will be happy to get some feedback from my readers.

Happy reading!!


Trip back for Chinese New Year Celebration

My trip back yesterday was a smooth one. I was expecting a long and slow drive back as everyone was taking leave and also rushing back to their hometown.

Got up 5am plus to start our journey as last year we left a bit later and the traffic was heavy and was a pace of average 70km per hour and it took us about 6 hrs where a good smooth trip will usually take about 5 hrs.

Our first stop for breakfast was on of the RnR (rest and recreation) area along the highway.
20130208-100035 PM.jpg

Food to buy and if you noticed, early in the morning people were already eating rice with dishes to select from.
20130208-100052 PM.jpg

20130208-100122 PM.jpg

Seating area…
20130208-100146 PM.jpg

I was kinda lucky as the traffic was smooth.
20130208-100208 PM.jpg

Reaching Ipoh for our next RnR stop

20130208-100339 PM.jpg

This is a new building built next to the highway where the highway user can stop and buy fresh groceries.

20130208-100358 PM.jpg

Agromall; it is still new and not many stalls slot utilized.

20130208-100451 PM.jpg

It also has toilet rest area and also a prayer place for the Muslim and a small playground for the children

20130208-100510 PM.jpg

20130208-100554 PM.jpg

… and my journey continues.

USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (2)

Continuation of my trip in Big Apple. Here is my previous link to my 1st part; USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (1)

It is really colourful and vibrant city. So much activities as I walk all along Park Avenue from Grand Central Terminal to Broadway . =)

USA - NewYork City2 (1)

While walking … I saw a weekend market at Union Square and it is really interesting to see the hive of activities.

USA - NewYork City2 (2)

USA - NewYork City2 (3)

USA - NewYork City2 (4)

USA - NewYork City2 (5)

USA - NewYork City2 (6)

a reflection after a shower….

USA - NewYork City2 (7)

USA - NewYork City2 (8)

More florist……

USA - NewYork City2 (9)

Stay tune…. more to come.