USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (1)

Finally the day has come. This post is about my trip to New York City. I started my trip early in the day where I drove my rented car to the nearest train station which was Croton Harmon Point and caught one of the earliest train to Grand Central Terminal.

Waiting in the empty train stain in Croton.

USA - NewYork City1 (1)

USA - NewYork City1 (2)

It took bout 80min to get the Grand Central Terminal; multi-stops. Once in NYC, it was drizzling but as noon approaches the sun came out.

My journey by foot begins……

Along the side walk.. I can see lots of florist. The flowers are fresh and vibrant in colours. Enjoy the my pictures of NYC.

USA - NewYork City1 (3)

New York skyscrapers…¬†¬† a mixture of old and new buildings or skyscrapers¬† (more to come)

USA - NewYork City1 (4)

Subway station…

USA - NewYork City1 (5)

mmmm.. Park Avenue?

USA - NewYork City1 (6)

USA - NewYork City1 (7)

USA - NewYork City1 (8)

USA - NewYork City1 (9)

To be continued…….