Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (2)

Hi there…… still walking around the outside of the wet market in Air Hitam, Penang before heading up to the Kek Lok Si Temple. If you missed my earlier part, here you go; Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (1)

A matter of fact, there were so much things to look here as it’s one of the local places that tourists or visitors may have missed when they go to Kek Lok Si Temple as they would have gone straight up to the temple.

As you can see, the cars had to slowly go through the road as it’s always filled with people on both sides. Not only people but also lots of motorbikes too.



Walking inside the wet market…..


Small stall selling all the dry cooking stuff.


Fish monger… selling all sorts of prawns.


When we were outside, we stopped by a stall that was selling some fried buns. It smelt so good that I could not resist  buying and giving them a try.


they have 2 types of filling….. one was with ku chai (garlic chives or chinese chives)


the other is with meat stuffing.


Both tasted good. =) For sure, when I go there again, I will definitely buy again and more pieces this time. LOL!!

Anyway.. want to see more? Well… then keep following me then. =)

Visit to the Wet Market in Penang

Before I post on my visit on New York City, let me share a post on a visit close by. This is a blog on wet market.

I love to visit markets anywhere I go when I travel; locally or abroad as there is where you get to see the locals mingle and haggle over things, and you can get to see all types of vegetables, fishes, and other sorts food which may be grown, made or caught locally.

Today I am posting on the wet market that I visit every weekend. This is to let my readers see the local activities in a local market in Penang.

This portion of the wet market; vendors selling vegetables, fishes, eggs etc

20130204-105109 PM.jpg

20130204-105128 PM.jpg

20130204-105143 PM.jpg

This is the other area; dry market where vendors selling all the dry stuff like onions, salted fish, garlic etc

20130204-105200 PM.jpg

Fruit stalls ……

20130204-105217 PM.jpg

Pineapple but these pineapple if you look carefully is slightly different. They are used for the Chinese prayers as offerings.

20130204-105234 PM.jpg

Vendors selling Ti Kueh (sweet sticky confection) which you can find a lot especially near Chinese New Year as housewives will buys these as an offering to the Kitchen God so when they go back to report to their superior, it will be sweet and good news. Lol!! More on this on my food blog.

20130204-105252 PM.jpg

20130204-105308 PM.jpg