Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (5)

Hi!! Still at Chikan Area; the old part of Tainan City.

If you have followed me in the previous post, I have just visited the Grand Mazu Temple. Walking out from small alley was another temple; Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple. Nope, I did not enter but I saw a group of people performing outside the temple.


20140420-060410 pm.jpg

Here’s another temple near by; just across the street where I was.

20140420-060420 pm.jpg

mmm… what’s this guy selling?

20140420-060428 pm.jpg


Anyone can read?

20140420-060437 pm.jpg


Well… it is like a sweet candy and you have the option to have the Chinese celery in it too. For me, it was a bit too hard for my teeth and also a bit on the sweeter side. The celery did give a slightly different taste though.

20140420-060444 pm.jpg


Walking along the older part of Tainan city, you can see lots of temples. If you love the Chinese temple architecture, Tainan would be the place.

Here are some temples…..

20140420-060452 pm.jpg

20140420-060528 pm.jpg


Want more? Well’s there more.

Just keep following me and see Tainan from my Iphone 4S lens. =P

11 thoughts on “Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (5)

  1. Will there be anymore pictures of Taiwanese food? That is great architecture. The temple colours are so vibrant after all these years. I hope the band on the street made a few dollars from playing.

  2. Iloved Taiwan when I traveled there, mainly on the east coast though. I am very keen to go back and see Tainan that seem such a stronghold of Taiwanese culture. Thanks to your pics I can have a “pre-taste” of the temples

    • You should. =)
      The west cost has different sort of scenery and more history and culture as compared to east cost. For view, no doubt, east coast is nicer but I have yet to really explore on that part yet. =)

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