Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (3)

Thanks for staying with me on my trip to Tainan City, Taiwan.

Still in Chikan Tower. Below is the ‘Statue of Compromise between Zheng Chenggong and the Dutch’

20140420-055756 pm.jpg

This is the Sea God TempleĀ  and the entrance is the slabs which is the Turtle Monuments.

20140420-055814 pm.jpg

Side entrance to the Sea God Temple which I had to climb the steps up.

20140420-055825 pm.jpg

This is the Wunchang (God of Literature) Pavilion which is right behind the Sea God Temple.

20140420-055835 pm.jpg

Entrance to Wunchang Pavilion.

20140420-055849 pm.jpg

Beautiful wooden handcrafted architecture.

20140420-055902 pm.jpg

Side entrance to the hall in the the Wunchang Pavilion. Nice shape right?

20140420-055915 pm.jpg

Some of the literature books on display. All these were handwriting and the Chinese writing are so small. Yes, used by Chinese brush.

20140420-055929 pm.jpg

Well, there’s more to come on my walk in Tainan city. Want to know what’s coming up next? If, then stick around and you will find out. =)