Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (1)

Hi!! Finally at the market. This is the other floating market that is near Damnoen Saduak Floating Market at Ratchaburi. This is Amphawa floating market is in Samuk Songkhram.

Nearly everyone; mostly locals and also tourist comes here, and it is opened on weekends only (lucky me!). It gives an impression of the canal way of live, where farmers in traditional clothing selling their produce unlike Damnoen Saduak, which is an afternoon market. So you can easily combine the two into a single trip (which I was doing. =) . It starts to get going around noon, but best time is after 3pm. Ok… enough. Let’s get going!

By the time I was there, it was already close to evening and the crowds were already there as seen below.

20140413-075221 am.jpg

Lots of choices of food to admire and savor (Frankly, I cant recall the food or name of it as it was like 6 years ago).

20140413-075229 am.jpg

20140413-075240 am.jpg

20140413-075250 am.jpg

20140413-075300 am.jpg

Fried giant squid (looks familiar like the ones in Taiwan night market =) )

20140413-075309 am.jpg

gosh.. look at the bridge!! Packed with people going in both directions; trying go across the canal.

20140413-075318 am.jpg

Boat stalls along the canal side.

20140413-075327 am.jpg

Want to see more? Well, there’s more. All you have to do is follow me and enjoy the trip. =)


19 thoughts on “Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (1)

  1. That is one crowded market. I’m not a fan of crowds and my anxiety kicks in when I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with people like that…but I’m sure you had a good time here, didn’t you?

    • haha.. I m not a fan if the crowd is too much till you cant see where you are stepping. I was in this situation once when I tried going up to Batu Caves on Thaipusam. Damn… that’s my first n last time and it is all pure body contact with sweat and smell from all angles. I guess you get my drift. =)

      • That’s so true. Body on body contact, never a pleasant thing for the nose and our bodies. It’s even worse with humid weather.

        Batu Caves. Oh yes. Been up there once, full of people and monkeys. Good once in a life-time experience, like all other experiences.

        • yup.. you r right there. It was really unpleasant indeed but guess the thrill or the feeling to join the big crowd was another feeling though; scared and excited as you never know what will happen at each step. =)

    • Thanks! Thanks for the comment buts sorry as I am not sure on the actual current situation as I am not in BKK now. Yup, I guess it will be better then once things stabilize or settle down.

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