Thailand; Bangkok – Visit the Wat Nong Hoi Temple, Ratchaburi Province (2)

Thanks for staying with me on the trip to Wat Nong Hoi Temple. Going slightly further from the foot of the hill, we reach went up Nong Hoi hill.

It was a beautiful sight from the top of the hill as seen in the pictures below.

20140402-103744 pm.jpg

the other side…..

20140402-103749 pm.jpg

20140402-103753 pm.jpg

Lord Buddha enshrined outside of the Wat Nong Hoi Temple.

20140402-103758 pm.jpg

20140402-103803 pm.jpg

After that, we parted for the next destination. Saw this bus which I believe is a common sight in Thailand.

20140402-103809 pm.jpg

Where to next you may ask? If you want to know, then follow me. =)