Thailand; Bangkok – King Rama II Memorial Park @ Amphawa (3)

Hi!! Still with me? Great! Let keep on walking. As promised in my earlier posting, you will see more on the architectural of traditional building during King Rama II period.

Walking in the park…. I could help taking this photo. Look at those bananas hanging its’ stem. That’s a whole lot!!

20140413-074844 am.jpg

There are lots of buildings built in the traditional Thai architectural style which you can enter and admirer in the interior and exterior…..

20140413-074853 am.jpg

.. here’s another one.

20140413-074904 am.jpg

20140413-074918 am.jpg

and here”s another.

20140413-074929 am.jpg

The pond where housed the statue of the legendary crocodile hunter from the King’s poem “Krai Thong”.

20140413-074941 am.jpg

The park also housed  the ship used by a later King

20140413-074957 am.jpg

Now.. let head to the other attraction in Amphawa. What’s that you may ask? It’s the floating market in Amphawa. Let’s go!!!


16 thoughts on “Thailand; Bangkok – King Rama II Memorial Park @ Amphawa (3)

  1. The bananas. The BANANAS! It’s been a while since I saw a big bunch of bananas taller than me by at least a meter in height. I always worry about them toppling over on me. Did you by any chance steal a banana from the gigantic bunch? 😀

      • I was thinking that id you plucked a banana from that bunch, the bunch will topple on you or all the bananas will be everywhere… for all to pick up!!! I would love to bring this whole gigantic bunch to a place full of monkeys…I would be their best friend 😀

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