Japan – The Country side of Yamagata Prefecture (4)

Last day in Yamagata. Back to Tokyo then to Narita Airport for the night before catching my flight back home.

A shot from the bullet train going at about 250km/hr or was it 300km/hr. Everything seen to zooming by. Can’t believe the ride was so smooth and quiet inside the Shinkansen.


Final stop was at Tokyo station where I only had an hour to spare before I taking my connecting ride to Narita airport. So where can I go within Tokyo and be back at the Tokyo station in an hour’s time?

By foot.. it would be Ginza district. Yup the most uptown district. Streets were full of neon lights and the crowd everywhere especially at the traffic light junction. Guess it was after working hours and people were rushing back or heading for dinner. Human jam!



Colourful neon lights.


Lots of cars and people.


Yup… Xmas trees everywhere. Christmas was just round the corner.



I could not see much of Tokyo but at least got a feel of it. Well what can you expect from an hour (or less) by foot. =). Then it was back to the Tokyo station and on my way to Narita Airport to stay at the transit hotel.

My last shot in the next morning of Japan before heading back home.


So where is my next place? Wanna know? Then.. stick with me and you will find out. =)

10 thoughts on “Japan – The Country side of Yamagata Prefecture (4)

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  2. I really enjoy your posts. I have never travelled to Japan , Vietnam or any Asian country but would enjoy it. Your photography is interesting, and insightful to life in these places. I also like to wake up early and explore to learn. It is daily life customs in other countries, and traditions that I like along with spicy foods. I recommend you include smells as well as what you see for example Istanbul to me had a spicy aroma to the city and it wasn’t from food, it was just in the air.

    • Thanks!! I will take your feedback to add in the smell if I can remember them as most of these travels written here were in the past and not recent.

      Anyway. noted taken and thanks again!! =)

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