Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (1)

This posting is of my trip to Hanoi, Vietnam back in October 2006. I have heard a lot of about Vietnam but just that I never been there until then when the low cost carrier Air Asia started their flight there, that people starting going there.

Our trip started when we landed in Noi Bai International Airport which is the only international airport and only airport in the north of Vietnam then. Hanoi is the capital and also the second largest city in Vietnam.

By the time we landed, it was already late and we were greeted by our local tour leader there. We went there in a group which consist of a few families. So it was practically a whole bus filled with a family affair. Lol!!

Our first stop was of course dinner at one of the restaurant in the city which I am not sure where but one thing for sure, the French colonial architecture style was very dominant as seen below and also the from photos from my later posting.


In the morning, the noises motorbikes can be heard with hons blaring here and there.


One of the lanes which I can across. (By now you would have guessed that I am a morning person who gets up early and go wandering around before breakfast 😊)


Fruit seller on the side of the side walk…..


Typical local food stall which can see on the inner roads where the local will go for their breakfast.


A young boy having his haircut out in the open air barber which something you do not see often nowadays.


Walking along the side of the street. You can some new apartments built to accommodate the increasing population in Hanoi.


A slim building standing by its own which was also a common sight here in Hanoi and not forgetting colourful too.


Took this shot outside a school there. You could see parents waiting for their children after school


Demolition and clearing of old building to make way for new and bigger building which can be seen like anywhere else in the world in a developing country.


Interesting? If yes… then I have more to share in my series of travel to Hanoi.