Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (8)

Hi!! My last posting on my visit to Kek Lok Si Temple.

At the area near the main pagoda, another area of the temple where you can make your wish again on the wishing tree by putting the wishing ribbon as seen below.


lighted oil lamps on the altar by the worshipers as offering.


Another shot around the temple grounds


This is the 7 storey main pagoda of the temple which house the 10,000 Buddhas.


Buddhas on the walls all the way up to the top…..


Shots from outside the pagoda…..


Another monastery…


A view right from the top of the pagoda….


Hope you enjoy the ‘walk’ with me on this trip to the Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang.

So what’s next? Wanna to know? Then follow me and you will find out. =)

4 thoughts on “Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (8)

  1. Enjoyed the photo tour. Making me think about carrying my camera more! How much of Asia have you seen? I’ve been in China, South Korea and Japan but there’s so much of it left! Feel like I’ve barely started.

    • Thanks! Well the camera I had on hand was my faithful Iphone 4s and it was good enough to capture most of my pictures. I have been to a few Asia countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China and Taiwan but you can never finish exploring the whole country in a trip or even a a few trips. So it is a more like a lifetime affair. LOL!! Just take your time and plan well the country and the places you want to visit as for sure you cannot visit all of them in a lifetime unless you have all the time in your life just travelling 24/7 365 days. =P

      • I know what you mean about not being able to visit all these places in one lifetime. I’ve lived in China for two years and Japan for over one and there’s still so much unseen. Holding down jobs of course hinders travel, but still. I always plan, but personally, its been the surprising moments that often stay with me. Do you have a favorite country in Asia yet?

        • Actually I love Asian countries but the place I would like to visit and explore more if I have the chance is South Korea. Currently fav is Taiwan … and still exploring when I am there for biz trip. =)

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