Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (3)

Across Ximending MRT … is the Red House Theater which is a historic theater in this area which was built by the Japanese. Well I did not go and see any performance but I just wanted to drop by there as there was another small night market there (another!!) . Well… just a very small one. =)

Taipei_3 (1)

Taipei_3 (2)

Taipei_3 (3)

Taipei_3 (4)

Taipei_3 (5)

Taipei_3 (6)

Stay tune…. more to come.

Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (2)

This is my continuation of my trip to Taipei. Next place visited was the crowd puller – Ximending. It is an attraction for the young and trendy as this is where all the happening occurs. You will find all sort of fashion and dressing youngsters here.

It is a nice place to see lots of different food too and lots of shopping (well shopping is not my thing) especially for young ladies.

Taipei_2 (2) Ximending MRT Station…

Taipei_2 (1) Look at the crowd……

Taipei_2 (3) Even the guide¬† dog is getting bored here….. lol

Taipei_2 (4) Clothes for your pet dog…..

Taipei_2 (5) Cute tags……

Taipei_2 (6) Lots of stalls to shop from.

Taipei_2 (7)  So colourful place.

Taipei_2 (8)Crowd is mostly youngsters.

Taipei_2 (9) A shot outside the Ximending area.

To be continued……..