Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya (1)

Hello!! Welcome back to my blog. If you have followed me from my previous series, I am still covering on my trip to Bangkok, Thailand back in 2008 (yes… way back then! A delayed posting. =P )

This was my 3rd day in Thailand and I have covered earlier posting on; Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Floating Market, Fruit Orchard in Ratchaburi Province, Wat Nong Hoi Temple in Ratchaburi Province , Tree Temple at Samut Songkhram Province, King Rama II Memorial Park at Amphawa, and my last series was on Amphawa Floating Market

Today I will cover on my trip along Chao Phraya River which passes through Bangkok city.

A brief intro before I start my journey. Chao Phraya is one of the major rivers in Thailand with its low alluvial plains. Along the river, there a lots of settlements such as Nakhon Sawan, Uthai Thani, Chainat, Singburi, Ang Thong, Ayutthaya, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Bangkok and Samut.  These cities are among the most historically significant and densely populated settlements of Thailand because of their access to the waterway.

In Bangkok, the Chao Phraya is a major transportation gateway for a vast network of river buses, cross-river ferries and water taxis, also known as longtails. There are more than 15 boat lines operate on the rivers and canals of the city, including commuter lines which you can choose from which I will be taking as one of the transport around the river. =)

Ok… let’s get going. Starting off, I hopped on to the Bangkok Skytrain to the Saphan Taksin station (on Shilon Line) in Sathorn District to catch the river bus on Chao Phraya river.

20140501-013920 pm.jpg

From the Saphan Taksin station, it was a few minutes walk to the Sathorn Pier. Easy walk. =)

A view from the pier to catch the Sathorn Pier or the Central Pier of the 21km Chao Phraya River Express Boat route.

20140501-013932 pm.jpg

The pier is right under the bridge of Sathon Road.

20140501-013941 pm.jpg

One of the River buses… shape with roof like an  old Thailand building architecture.

20140501-013951 pm.jpg

Hotel Shangrila Palace which is next to Chao Phraya  River.

20140501-014004 pm.jpg

One of the many piers along Chao Phraya river.

20140501-014014 pm.jpg

Holy Rosary Church built by the Portuguese in Samphanthawong on the bank of Chao Phraya; south of Yaowarat, Chinatown.

20140501-014023 pm.jpg

Interesting ride. Wanna see more? Come and follow me on my next posting on this series of ride down River Chao Phraya. =)


Thailand; Bangkok – Visit the Wat Nong Hoi Temple, Ratchaburi Province (2)

Thanks for staying with me on the trip to Wat Nong Hoi Temple. Going slightly further from the foot of the hill, we reach went up Nong Hoi hill.

It was a beautiful sight from the top of the hill as seen in the pictures below.

20140402-103744 pm.jpg

the other side…..

20140402-103749 pm.jpg

20140402-103753 pm.jpg

Lord Buddha enshrined outside of the Wat Nong Hoi Temple.

20140402-103758 pm.jpg

20140402-103803 pm.jpg

After that, we parted for the next destination. Saw this bus which I believe is a common sight in Thailand.

20140402-103809 pm.jpg

Where to next you may ask? If you want to know, then follow me. =)

Thailand; Bangkok – Visit the Wat Nong Hoi Temple, Ratchaburi Province (1); Thanks to all my readers and followers. Another landmark achieved for my blog; 50,000 views and 6,000 followers.

Welcome to my next series in Thailand. Before I continue, I would like to thank all my readers and followers for helping this blog site hit another landmark. My blog has already hit 50,000 views and still growing, and also the number of followers has grown up to 6,000 since it’s first went live in Nov 2012. Again thank you to all for making this happen and keeping me going.

OK…. back to my posting. Hope you enjoyed my series on the Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi floating market and also fruit orchard visit. If you have missed the earlier series, here are the links; Thailand – Bangkok, Visit to Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Floating Market and Thailand; Bangkok – Visit to a Fruit Orchard in Ratchaburi Province

Moving on, I headed to the next stop which is the Wat Nong Hoi temple in Ratcthaburi province. This temple built in on Loire Valley and it rumored to be one of the sacred place in Thailand.

Here are the flights of stair up…….

20140402-103610 pm.jpg

Entrance to the temple.

20140402-103616 pm.jpg

.. lots of devotees coming to pray.

20140402-103621 pm.jpg

Giant bells along the walk way in the temple

20140402-103630 pm.jpg

20140402-103638 pm.jpg

Guan Yin or Goddess of Mercy giant statue in the temple

20140402-103642 pm.jpg

On  the next part… we headed up Nong Hoi hill. What do get to see there? If you want to know, then follow me on this journey. =)