Taiwan – Hsinchu; National Day Super Run (2)

Thanks for following me here for the Super Run.

Close to the ‘flying’ time, they even arranged for a warm up session for all the runners.

20131014-075857 am.jpg

Warming up……. Stretch.. stretch….

20131014-075934 am.jpg

Another shot from a higher ground.

20131014-075908 am.jpg

Cosplay…. Everyone want to take a photo with these 2 guys…

20131014-075916 am.jpg

… not sure what character are they dressing up as. Do you?

20131014-075927 am.jpg

Every superboy also came. Guess he will be flying in his pram. =)

20131014-075943 am.jpg

Getting ready at the starting line…..

20131014-075950 am.jpg

… here we go!!!!! Damn… it is not ‘flying’ as fast as it should. Guess too much air traffic. HAHA!!!

20131014-080000 am.jpg

See me ‘fly’ along the route in my next posting. Stay tune.


The price of not doing a proper warm up….

I always love a game of squash with anyone if I can get a chance to play, I will play.

Last week I think I was just too lazy to warm up before playing and I believe I may have… Mmm better put it that, I had pull a muscle or injured my arm brachioradialis muscles, and it freaking hurts when I turn my wrist to face my palm up and extend my hand at the same time.

I thought it would go away after a day or so but later today… I saw my arm was already bruising. Damn!!! Better drop by to see the doc.

20121203-123622 PM.jpg

Lesson learnt… Dun be freaking lazy… Just do the warm and you will have an injury free game (provided if you are not hit by your opponent’s racquet!!)