Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (24)

Back in Istanbul and this time we saw more of Istanbul city.

As seen, there are trams in the city … zooming around.

TurkeyDay8_2 (1)

The first stop was the Kapalicarsi Grand Bazaar and it is is one of the largest and oldest covered market in the world, with 61 covered streets and over 3,000 shops which attract between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily.

This is one of the entrances to the bazaar…

TurkeyDay8_2 (2)

Some beautiful shots inside the bazaar. So.. enjoy the pictures…….

TurkeyDay8_2 (3)

TurkeyDay8_2 (4)

TurkeyDay8_2 (5)

TurkeyDay8_2 (6)

TurkeyDay8_2 (7)

TurkeyDay8_2 (8)

Stay tune for more pictures……


Hong Kong – An evening view from the Peak (1)

During my trip to Hong Kong, I also had taken the chance to go to the Victoria Peak. We wanted to take the Peak tram up from the Peak Lower Terminus but instead we took the bus from the ferry terminal brought us directly up to the Peak.

We were there early before the sunset as I heard and seen pictures taken during the sunset is beautiful. I wanted to take this chance to see it myself and take pictures too.

Sign board…. hmmmm where should I head to?

HK_Peak1 (1)

An old tram converted to a Visitor Information Center.

HK_Peak1 (3)

Beautiful sight of Hong Kong from the top…..

HK_Peak1 (4)

HK_Peak1 (5)

HK_Peak1 (6)

The Sky Terrace 428….

HK_Peak1 (7)

HK_Peak1 (2)

Stay tune for more……..