Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (16)

Finally. This is the last posting for this series on my trip to Tainan for the weekend. Hope you have enjoyed following me on this ‘e-trip’ .

Before ending the trip or heading back to Hsinchu, I had to walk back to the hostel. Walked through Tainan Train Station. It is one of the historic site. Opened back in the 1900 and it expanded since then.

20140426-093029 pm.jpg


Walking along the walkway to the hostel. You could see lots of scooters parked on both sides. Yup as it is near the famous university, National Cheng Kung University which was established in 1931. It’s nickname is Koxinga University.

20140426-093058 pm.jpg


Got my stuff nad headed to the train station to catch my train and then THSR (Taiwan High speed Rail) to Hsinchu.

20140426-093106 pm.jpg


My ticket from Tainan station to Shalun station to catch my bullet train. =)

20140426-093115 pm.jpg


Here comes the train.

20140426-093123 pm.jpg


THSR ticket to Hsinchu.

20140426-093131 pm.jpg


Orange bullet train.

20140426-093138 pm.jpg


This was the speed it was going at some point but I think it was still not the maximum. The max I have seen was 300km/hr.

20140426-093146 pm.jpg


Ok. that’s it for this series. Hope you enjoyed. Want to know where the next place I will be writing? If yes, then click ‘Follow me’ if you haven’t  and stay tune. =)

Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (1)

Hi!! I am back… 😊. Well today’s posting is my latest trip to Taiwan early this month. I got the chance to visit a few places where one of which was the Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck.

When I was in Taiwan on one of my weekend there, I also managed to visit Jiufen; a once old mining town up in the hills. More about Jiufen as my posting continues. Let start’s moving!!

I started my journey from Hsinchu City where I was staying during my trip in Taiwan. To get to Jiufen, it was either by bus or train and the journey would take about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs in total (if you take the high speed train to Taipei than a bus, the time will be around half of this) . For me, I decided to take the train then followed by a short bus trip.

From hotel, it was a short 10 mins walk to the railway station in Hsinchu.

20131012-044027 pm.jpg

Historic station front of Hsinchu Station. Opened since 1893.

20131012-044036 pm.jpg

A fare of NTD163 to Ruifang from Hsinchu.

20131012-044043 pm.jpg

Shot from the Hsinchu platform.

20131012-044050 pm.jpg

After 2 1/2hr ride, finally arrived at Ruifang Station.

20131012-044057 pm.jpg

A walk along the street from the railway station to the bus stop to catch my 15min ride up to Jiufen

20131012-044104 pm.jpg

Finally arrived in Jiufen. Weather was gloomy and humid.

20131012-044112 pm.jpg

Join me on my next posting on my walk in Jiufen Old Street.

Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck

Hi there!!! Sorry for a long gap in my posting. I am still in Taiwan for my business trip till this week.

Last week, I got the opportunity to go to Kaohsiung for business trip and also to the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck sits at the Glory Pier in the port of Kaohsiung.

We took the THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) from Hsinchu to Kaohsiung which took us about 90mins ride.

Hsinchu High Speed Rail station

20131005-085455 pm.jpg

My ticket to Kaohsiung that cost me NTD1,200

20131005-085507 pm.jpg

Here comes the train…

20131005-085515 pm.jpg

20131005-085523 pm.jpg

After work, we went took a cab to the Glory Pier. You cant missed it as along the way, you can see small stall peddler selling the miniature yellow duck.

20131005-085532 pm.jpg

From far… you can see the GIant Yellow Rubber Duck.

20131005-085546 pm.jpg

a closer shot……

20131005-085557 pm.jpg

20131005-085602 pm.jpg

20131005-085637 pm.jpg

Huge right?

20131005-085646 pm.jpg

Time to go back….. took the KMRT (Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Train) back to Zouying to catch our high speed train back to Hsinchu.

20131005-090744 pm.jpg

20131005-090751 pm.jpg

20131005-090810 pm.jpg

This was the average speed. The max so far I saw was about 280km/h.

20131005-090826 pm.jpg

Stay tune as I will have more coming up on my trip to Taiwan.

P.S You can catch on the night market at the Glory Pier, Kaohsiong in my posting here; Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck