Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (9)

Hi!! Thanks for staying with me till this far of my series. If you have missed my earlier half, pls do have a look so that you will be up to speed on my e-travel. =)

We are still in Anping Old Street, Tainan. Yup, in the middle of hot day, walking along the old streets of Anping on a weekend can be a challenge. It is getting more crowded as it gets further to the evening.

20140422-100148 pm.jpg

Animal shaped pancake. Aren’t they cute?

20140422-100152 pm.jpg

Colourful handmade handicrafts..

20140422-100203 pm.jpg

I diverted from the Old street and walked along some the small alleys that lead to homes of the locals there. Once you are in there, it’s like a maze (Maze walker) . =)

Beautiful view of the old houses and structures.

20140422-100207 pm.jpg

20140422-100214 pm.jpg

and not forgetting temples also.

20140422-100218 pm.jpg


Reflection shot.

20140422-100222 pm.jpg

Old banged up red door which is the entrance to someone home.

20140422-100233 pm.jpg


Like it? Well, this is still not the end yet. More posting coming. Just stay tune and keep following me. =)


Hong Kong – Visit to Wong Tai Sin Temple (1)

When I was in Hong Kong, one of the temples that I had to visit was the Taoist Wong Tai Sin Temple ( the Great Immortal Wong Temple). It is one of the well known shrine and also famous tourist attraction. It is s famed for the many prayers answered from their worshipers.

Getting there is easy . Just hop off at MTR Wong Tai Sin Station and it is just 2 minute walk and you are there at the entrance.

The temple has beautiful architecture; traditional Chinese temple style with grand red pillars, a magnificent golden roof adorned with blue friezes, yellow latticework, and multi-colored carvings. In the temple grounds there is the Daxiong-baodian, the Three-Saint Hall and the Good Wish Garden. This is just to name a few. It is worth the visit and as usual… I manage to captures some nice shots inside the temple ground.

Anyway… enjoy the pictures.

HK_WongTaiSin (1)

HK_WongTaiSin (2)

HK_WongTaiSin (3)

High rise building seen close by the temple…. mmm correction; more like their neighbors.

HK_WongTaiSin (4)

HK_WongTaiSin (5)

HK_WongTaiSin (6)

HK_WongTaiSin (7)

HK_WongTaiSin (8)

HK_WongTaiSin (9)

…catch me on the 2nd Part on the visit of the temple.

Taiwan – Temples everywhere…

If you are in Taiwan, you will find that there a lot of places of worship especially temples. If you Google in Wikipedia, there are close to 15,000 temples aloneĀ  as of 2009 (by now, it could be more than that) where more than 60% are dedicated to Taoism

During my trip there, I managed to snap photos of some of the temples and they are very detailed and colourful. These photos are taken in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Enjoy!

Taiwan_Temples (1)

Taiwan_Temples (2)

Taiwan_Temples (3)

Taiwan_Temples (4)

Taiwan_Temples (5)

Taiwan_Temples (6)

Taiwan_Temples (7)