Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (6)

Hi!!! Glad that you are still with me. Let’s move on.

After enjoying the cold taro balls dessert, I headed down to see what at the bottom of the stairs.

20131012-045704 pm.jpg

Nice architecture of the old buildings along with the lanterns all around.

20131012-045713 pm.jpg

A lady doing calligraphy …. but if you look carefully, it is actually calligraphy made up of flowers and birds that made up the chinese names.

20131012-045721 pm.jpg

Another building mix along side with the old.

20131012-045730 pm.jpg

Old building converted to a restaurant.

20131012-045737 pm.jpg

More nice structures…..with some modern graffiti on it.

20131012-045745 pm.jpg

20131012-045757 pm.jpg

It is really nice place if you love old buildings and tight spaces. Lots of things to see and shoot.

Follow on my last posting on my walk in Jiufen.

Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (5)

Glad you are still following me on my ‘walk’ in Jiufen.

Walking around the village….  I have walked through their maze of streets. Can be confusing but it is the best way to see the life and people in this village. Don’t you agree? =)

Fushan Temple from the bottom. I will be getting there soon but not for now. =P

20131012-045317 pm.jpg

Still exploring around the village. View from one alleys overlooking the hillside.

20131012-045326 pm.jpg

This really caught my eyes!!! I believe it is a biscuit or cake and what a shape. Not cheap though. Haha!!! They even sell in a pair. LOL!!!!

20131012-045358 pm.jpg

Walking up at one their stairs, I saw this shop selling hand made mask.

20131012-045405 pm.jpg

… very interesting.

20131012-045412 pm.jpg

A map of Jiufen …. but it did not really help me much. Guess I walk aimlessly. HAHA!!

20131012-045420 pm.jpg

Saw a lot of ppl in this shop and I guess it must be famous for it’s yuyuan or taro balls. Yup it is; Auntie A-Gan shop which sells Sweet Taro Ball.

20131012-045429 pm.jpg.

Yup… got myself a  bowl (iced… should have taken the hot one instead) and while eating.. the shop also provide you a place to sit with a magnificent view.

20131012-045441 pm.jpg

Another shot from the shop where I was.

20131012-045448 pm.jpg

Like it so far….? If yes, more to come.