Putrajaya – Federal Admin Center of Malaysia…..

Happy New Year to all my readers!! This is 1st blog for the year 2013. Hope you enjoy it and continue following me here or on my twitter to get my latest blogs.

Putrajaya….I was there late last year to get some document done (wow .. it sound like so long ago when it was just mid of 2012 Dec. LOL!!!).

It is a huge place with nice modern structure. Today I will just cover on the the Putra Mosque and also the Prime Minister  Office. Have a look and you tell me what you think. =)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (1) Outside view.

Malaysia_Putrajaya (2)  Interiror view…..

Malaysia_Putrajaya (3)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (4)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (6)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (7)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (8)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (8.1)

This is the Prime  Minister Office in Putrajaya which is just next to the Putra Mosque.

Malaysia_Putrajaya (9)

A Visit to the Central Market…. in Kuala Lumpur

Last weekend, I made another stop on before heading home, was to the Central Market. hmmmm.. the last time I visited this place was more than 25yrs ago. It is a nice place to visit especially to see the local handicraft, souvenirs, antique items and some local foods. If there are the things that interest you, then this is the place to visit.

This place was around since 1888 (maybe not as a tourist site but as a wet market… long long time ago) and the area around here, has developed so much and so fast with building popping up around it. It still has original structure at the outside.

IMG_1227[1] This is the entrance.

IMG_1228[1] Statues outside the entrance.








IMG_1236This is at the side of the market. A huge wau (giant kite) structure.



This is a place worth to visiting for all even myself as you will find lots of things that you never think of finding.