Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (9)

My last posting on my search for Street Art in Georgetown Heritage Trail.

Walking near the end of Love Lane, we saw this cute metal art sculpture next the wall of 7-11 convenient stall.


.. another one at the of the Love Lane.


looks cool…. sitting on small rattan chair and having coffee.


off Lebuh Chulia heading to Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, we saw another metal art sculpture at Lorong Seck Chuan.


More…. guess there are so many. I believe I would have again missed some of them. LOL!!




Anyway hope you like what you have seen. Guess there are lots of things that can be seen and do here in the Georgetown Heritage Trail and guess 1 day or even 2 days is not enough.

So catch me on my next episode … I wonder what’s next?

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (5)

This is my 2nd time walking on Lebuh Armenian on foot and each time I come, I find and see different things.

A typical old shop house. Inside, an old man making a rattan chair by hand. This is something you do not see much anymore.


Another metal art on the outside wall of a old heritage building.


yeah…. someone had a spark of idea to paint Minions on a divider and yes.. it caught a  lot of attention. =)


An old bicycle shop…. along Lebuh Armenian.


Magic show……. on the shuttle of a old shop.


Low cost advertising that caught my attention.


At the end of the street.


no more? no… this is only the half way point. =) Come…. dun stop. Stick with me and enjoy the ‘walk’ =)

Malaysia – Georgetown; Continuation search for Street Art (1)

Welcome back!!

This is the continuation of my search for the Street Art in Georgetown, Penang. If you have missed out on my earlier posting, you can find it here; Street Art around town; of a different kind and also my walk in Georgetown Heritage Area

Started off early in the morning, we have our breakfast at Weld Quay at a typical old Kopitiam (coffee shop).


Oyster porridge; nice and tasty with youtiao (fried breadstick)


a typical old coffee shop in Penang.


This stall sells ban chang kuih (pancake)


nice and crispy ….


….filled with crushed peanuts.


Welcoming us at the entrance of Chew Jetty was a painting of an old lady and I guess next to her was her grandson in a ‘superman’ costume.

Home made painting.

Like what you seen? Well there’s more. Follow me on my continuation of my search ……