Macau – A Ferry Trip Across (5)

This is my final part of Macau before heading back to Hong Kong. If you have not seen my first 4 parts, pls feel free to have a read on them.

Walking through the alley, you will see lot of shops selling dry meat, Portuguese egg tart, almond cakes and egg rolls. Each of these shops are  fighting for customers. Guess when you are selling the same stuff, surely there will be stiff competition among themselves but the ones who gain are the customers. =)

Macau5 (1)

Macau5 (2)

… the ruins of St Paul Cathedral.

Macau5 (3)

Macau5 (4)

Macau5 (5)

Heading back from the ruins ….

Macau5 (6)

Macau5 (7)

Macau5 (9)

to catch a ferry back to Hong Kong.

Macau5 (10)

Macau5 (11) The older part of Macau

Macau5 (12) View of Macau-Taipa Bridge from the Ferry

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. So what next? Want to know….then follow me on my next blog!  =)


Macau – A Ferry Trip Across (4)

Welcome back!

We are still at Senado Square. Over here I cant stop shooting pictures of the buildings and churches that is along the way to ruins of St Paul Cathedral. Every corner surprises you. You just have to keep your eyes wide open and your camera ready all the while. =)

Well.. I will not describe anymore but you just enjoy the pictures…..

Macau4 (1)

Macau4 (2)

Macau4 (3)

Macau4 (4)

Macau4 (5)

Macau4 (6)

Macau4 (7)

Macau4 (8)

Macau4 (9)

and the final stop, the ruins of St Paul Cathedral…. in my next blog. =P