USA – A drive around Poughkeepsie, New York (1)

This is one of my business trip and this time was to New York, USA back in Nov 2009. I had took the opportunity to all travel around the area where I went and take as many photos as I could. Over here are just some of it. This is my first part of USA which I will  share; New York.

How’s the flight? It was one of my longest flight ever; KL – Singapore (transit) – Frankfurt (transit) – New York.  It was close to 24hrs trip. This is the kind of trip I wish I was on business class but well… no luck then to be upgraded from economy class.

My first transit was in Changi Airport…

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (1)

… then it was to Frankfurt, arriving at 5am…..

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (2)

a beautiful sight of the clouds from the window……

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (3)

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (4)

Landed in JFK International Airport in the early morning and rented a car to drive to Poughkeepsie which was about an hour to an hour half from New York City.  It was suppose to be beginning of winter and I was told that there would be snow but I was lucky and it was nice cool temp. No snow at all.

Below are some of the pictures I managed to capture driving around Poughkeepsie during my weekend there.

Beautiful countryside…..

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (5)

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (6)

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (7)

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (8)

Cute scarecrow along the roads.

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (9)

USA - New York Poughkeepsie1 (10)

Stay tune for my 2nd part of my drive around Poughkeepsie.

Catching my flight @ Skypark

Got up early to catch my flight back to Penang last weekend. It was my first time trying out the Berjaya Airlines from Skypark; another carrier which is opening up more route around Peninsular Malaysia. Aside from this airlines, there is also Firefly Airlines and those private jets or helicopters using this airport.

The shops in the airport were still close when I checked in as it was still very early.

Information and taxi counter.
20130126-071803 AM.jpg

.. they even decorated the place for the Chinese New Year
20130126-071825 AM.jpg

20130126-071846 AM.jpg

Departure hall. Catching the glimpse of one of the aircraft; ATR72-500

20130127-094039 PM.jpg

This airport cater mostly for internal flight although there also some flights to Singapore or Medan.

View from the aircraft window…

20130127-094116 PM.jpg

20130127-094137 PM.jpg

20130127-094213 PM.jpg

20130127-094250 PM.jpg

My in-flight refreshment…..

20130129-082606 PM.jpg

Lovely view above the clouds….

20130129-082635 PM.jpg

20130129-082658 PM.jpg

Trip back…. A weekly affair w the bus

This is a weekly affair … an affair with the bus more than the person. Traveling in bus for 4 to 5 hours per way and then on Sunday, the affair repeats again in the opposite direction.

20121207-042347 PM.jpg

Taking te bus from one of the busese at the bus stand outside the mall.

20121207-042437 PM.jpg
There are 3 bus companies here, selling ticket to travel either to the north or to the south of Peninsular Malaysia; Penang or Singapore.

20121207-042730 PM.jpg
While another is to a holiday resort up in the hills; Genting Highlands.

Anyway…. time to hit the road and enjoy the on board personalized TV movies.

20121207-043546 PM.jpg

Mmmm on sarcoidosis thoughts … I had enough of repeats if you are taking the bus weekly. Lol. I will stick to my blogging in bus.