Taipei – The Grand Hotel… grand enough for you??

This is one of the biggest hotel in Taipei that I have seen. In fact it is within walking distance from the Shilin Night Market area and you definitely cant miss it if you are taking the MRT or driving towards the Shilin area.

I love the outlook  of this hotel as the building retains the elements of classic Chinese architecture. It is not only the most splendid landmark of Taipei, but representative of contemporary palatial architecture. Have a look at the pictures below and you tell me. =)

Taipei_GrandHotel (1) mmmm.. This is another small temple on the way up to the Grand Hotel.

Taipei_GrandHotel (5) Main entrance to the Grand hotel

Taipei_GrandHotel (3)..Tada!! Welcome to the Grand Hotel

Taipei_GrandHotel (4)

Taipei_GrandHotel (2) View from the side

Taipei_GrandHotel (7)

Taipei_GrandHotel (6) lastly…. shot of the entrance from inside the hotel.


Taipei – Shilin… A view on an evening.

Usually people will go to the Shilin in the night but I had another opportunity to  arrive there in the evening where there is still some light and to see the place much more clearer instead  of night.

Taipei_Shilin2 (1)  Entertainment for kids…

Taipei_Shilin2 (2)Street stalls all up …

Taipei_Shilin2 (3) The crowds is building up

Taipei_Shilin2 (4) The temple in the middle of Shilin Market

Taipei_Shilin2 (5)

Taipei_Shilin2 (6)

Taipei_Shilin2 (7) Crowds are here!!

Taipei_Shilin2 (8)

Taipei_Shilin2 (9)

Taipei_Shilin2 (10)

Taipei_Shilin2 (11) A stone throw  away from the MRT

Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (4)

My trip in Taipei continues. This stop is at Shilin Night Market. Yup.. this is one of the famous night market in Taipei. Lots of people (literally) and also lots of shops. For food… I find that it is ok only. I think Feng Jia Market in Taichung is much bigger and more variety.  Heard that they have close to 2000 stalls in Feng Jia!!

Anyway, here are some shots from my viewfinder….

Taipei_4 (1) The market is right next to a MRT station. So you can’t miss it. =)

Taipei_4 (2) ….beeline of people heading to the Shilin Night Market

Taipei_4 (3) More people……

Taipei_4 (4) Anyone for ‘frogs’ eggs ?

Taipei_4 (5) … yup. Again more people shopping.

Taipei_4 (6) There is a temple right in the middle of the market.

Taipei_4 (7)

Taipei_4 (8)

Taipei_4 (9)

Taipei_4 (10)

It is a good place to go for shopping and eating especially if it is your first time. I would give this a miss if it is a 2nd or 3rd visit and go to a more un-touristy night market for more local feel. Anyone can recommend?