Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (5)

Welcome back! My last posting on Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition.

Another nice picture… using rubbish as balloons where a little girl is holding the floating rubbish.

20140202-084849 pm.jpg

The ‘golden’ trolley carrying rubbish…….

20140202-084909 pm.jpg

More modern art paintings……

20140202-084933 pm.jpg

20140202-085000 pm.jpg

This is interesting. It looks like a picture frame on the floor.

20140202-085037 pm.jpg

The crowd enjoying the artist painting and the message he is trying to get across. Even an old lady is trying to figure out the meaning of his paintings.

20140202-085123 pm.jpg

Lastly… he did not forget to wish all the visitors a  (Belated) Happy Lunar New Year from the Lego figurine.

20140202-085212 pm.jpg

Hope you enjoy this postings.

Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (1)

Guess some of you may have heard of him; the Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic or even saw his street art in Penang, Malaysia and some say ‘was’ in Johor, Malaysia. You can catch some of my blog of his  street paintings and also of others in my earlier blogs; Malaysia – Georgetown; Continuation search for Street Art and Street Art around town; of a different kind.

His recent art work was ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ where he display his art pieces at the old Hin Company Bus Depot from 17th Jan till 14 Feb 2014. (sorry for the late information. Tomorrow is the last day.. but at least you can enjoy the pictures here. =P )

I have a quite a time looking for this place but eventually found it. The old bus depot was directly in front of the Grand Continental Hotel (now closed). When I reached, there were already people crowding outside, waiting for the doors to open at 12pm. It was open daily from 12pm to 8pm till 14th Feb 2014. (Not sure what they will do to the wall art after that date though)

Entrance of the old Hin Company Bus Depot.

20140202-081601 pm.jpg

His theme……

20140202-081630 pm.jpg

.. a friendly reminder….

20140202-081643 pm.jpg

20140202-081659 pm.jpg

Some of his works….

20140202-081745 pm.jpg

not sure whether it is modern art or not…. but he uses all the rubbish to make it to something artistic.

20140202-081804 pm.jpg

more of it….

20140202-081823 pm.jpg

Painting on a door….

20140202-081854 pm.jpg

Painting on a old coffee canvas…

20140202-081914 pm.jpg

That’s all? Nope…… more to come. Stay tune with me…..