Putrajaya – Federal Admin Center of Malaysia…..

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Putrajaya….I was there late last year to get some document done (wow .. it sound like so long ago when it was just mid of 2012 Dec. LOL!!!).

It is a huge place with nice modern structure. Today I will just cover on the the Putra Mosque and also the Prime Minister  Office. Have a look and you tell me what you think. =)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (1) Outside view.

Malaysia_Putrajaya (2)  Interiror view…..

Malaysia_Putrajaya (3)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (4)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (6)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (7)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (8)

Malaysia_Putrajaya (8.1)

This is the Prime  Minister Office in Putrajaya which is just next to the Putra Mosque.

Malaysia_Putrajaya (9)

PutraJaya…. a trip to a planned city

Putrajaya? Planned city? Yup it is. It is a city that is planned for the federal administrative center; shifting from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya. I was there a year ago and it is a place where all the new building and structure area as previously… all the administrative was all over Kuala Lumpur but now they centralize it to here.

There are a few man made lakes and bridges to link to a so call man made island. It is a place nice to drop by to have a visit.

Have a look and give your thoughts….

DSC_0241-001 View of the Mosque from the bridge.

DSC_0249-001  View up directly from the bottom of the brdige. Superb view!!

DSC_0258-001Caution!!  Reduce…..s..p..e..e..d!!








DSC_0322-001  Sunset @ Putrajaya

DSC_0346-001 Another view of the building @ sunset


DSC_0364-001 Night shot….