Taiwan – Hsinchu; National Day Super Run (1) – my 250th posting!!!

Before I start on this posting, I would like to share with my readers that I have reached another milestone in my blogging. This is my 250th posting and also exactly 1 year from the month that blog was born. It could not have gone so far without the great support of my readers and followers which have balloon to more than 4,600 followers and close to 40,000 views. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all for this. =)

Well… let move’s on….

Like the title says ‘National Day Super Run’ but with a twist. Let me bring you all up to speed.

I was lucky to be in Taiwan on the week when they were celebration their National day, which falls on 10th Oct each year. In Hsinchu, the county had organized a run, mmmm… more like a fun run with the theme of Super heroes; Superman and Superwoman. And…. yes, the runners dressed up in superman and superwoman costumes.

As I only found this out at the eleventh hour, I did not managed to register but thanks to my lucky star, one of my colleagues could not make it. So I took over his place. Below is the box that they given when the runners collected their numbers and costumes; in a ‘Super Run’ box.

20131014-075421 am.jpg

The booklet with the instruction and also the route of the run.

20131014-075438 am.jpg

In the box… run number, booklet, and most importantly, the super costume.

20131014-075447 am.jpg

The costume even come with a drape and you gotta wear your undies outside. LOL!!!

20131014-075458 am.jpg

Got up at 5am and we arrive at the run area 15min later as it was a short drive from the hotel. It was held at the exhibition area where they located the Taiwan’s Shanghai Expo Pavilion.

Welcoming us at the place was the stage with the background of a cartoon with a character of ‘Superman’.

20131014-075508 am.jpg

People posing at the stage to get their photos taken.

20131014-075518 am.jpg

More people arriving in their super costumes (not all but close to 90% of them wore the super suits).

20131014-075530 am.jpg

Even superman and superwoman had to queue up in line to use the toilet!!! HAHA!!

20131014-075557 am.jpg

More on the being super…. but how super? Catch me on my next posting……..