Malaysia – Happy Halloween … doing it the Malaysian way.

Halloween sounds like the Chinese’s 8th month which is the Ghost month (falls between the month of July and August) and usually most of the TV stations will screen all those scary and horror movies to lighten up the feeling. LOL!!

In Malaysia, we also do see this Halloween celebration but it is not celebrated like in the western countries where kids go doing ‘treat or trick’. It is less popular around this region if compared to the Ghost month (which comes with more myths and superstitions) . It is more commercially publicize.

Here are some of the shots that I have taken in a shopping mall.

20131030-054924 am.jpg

20131030-054934 am.jpg

They even built a mock up horror house….

20131030-054943 am.jpg


20131030-054952 am.jpg

Some quite cute scary characters

20131030-054959 am.jpg

20131030-055006 am.jpg

20131030-055012 am.jpg

a simple wishing….

20131030-055018 am.jpg

More ‘scary’ characters……

20131030-055024 am.jpg

20131030-055030 am.jpg

Even little teddy is joining  the fun.

20131030-055037 am.jpg

To all my readers… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!