Malaysia – Mid Autumn Festival; Moon Cakes and Lanterns (2)

Mid Autumn Festival mood is now definitely in the air. Shopping malls setting small stalls along their walkway for the individual moon cake companies to promote and sell their moon cakes.

In the Yuan dynasty, moon cakes were used as a medium by the Ming revolutionaries in their espionage effort to secretly distribute letters to overthrow the Mongolian rulers of China. But now in the modern times, they are offered between friends or on family gatherings instead as this festival is one of the four most important Chinese festivals. So… dun go looking for secret messages in the moon cakes that you receive. LOL!! Just cut and enjoy eating them with your relatives and friends.

A wide selection of moon cakes to choose from; standard ones are usually made from lotus seed or red beans paste with the option of single or double salted duck egg yolk in it to durian moon cake flavor, black sesame skin and lots more.


Small stalls set up selling moon cakes.


More option to choose from….


..and more


even more……


They even have the ones that are kept refrigerated; snow skin moon cakes.


More variety.


Look at the crowd? People having a free taste of the special made moon cakes and deciding to buy or not to buy.


Lovely packing for the moon cakes if you buy in a pack of 2 or 4. Like I mentioned earlier, these companies spent quite a sum (and passing the buck to the consumer) on doing up nice packaging as people buy these as gifts for friends or relatives too aside from buying for themselves.



Anyway .. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers all over the world a Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

I will be back on the continuation of my write up on my search;

Malaysia – Mid Autumn Festival; Moon Cakes and Lanterns (1)

Sorry to deviate from my travel tour from Malaysia – Georgetown; Continuation search for Street Art as I would like to share the current happening in Malaysia and also other Asian countries who are celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival. =P

While we are still the 7th Month Chinese Calender which also known as the Ghost Month, in Malaysia, the shopping complex are already selling the moon cakes and lanterns to celebrate the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival which falls on the middle of 8th month of the Chinese Calendar (19 Sept 2013) .

Moon cakes used to cost like rm5 per piece but over the years… due to the increase in the raw materials, the prices has slowly increasing till a price of up to rm20 per piece. The other is, the manufacturers also spent a lot of the packaging which so colourful.


Then for the kids, it is also the fun time for them to carry lanterns and at night on the mid autumn festival.

Below is the so-call traditional lanterns with uses candles to light up the lanterns.


Here are the modern lanterns that uses batteries and bulbs to light up.


and.. to make it more interesting for the kids… all sorts of characters… even.. Ironman, Doraemon, Ultraman also available !!! lol!!!


Stay tune for more……

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (3)

Hi!!! Still with me? That’s good. Still on Armenian Street Ghaut, we had a slight detour off to Lebuh Victoria as a strong fragrance smell of freshly cook moon cakes and biscuits caught our noses.


Cute looking ‘piggy ‘biscuits.


.. the old style entrance to the shop.


Walking further down Armenian Street Ghaut, you will see lots of ‘cats’ on the side of the street… not real cats but mural cat painting.


This is the giant cat mural painting and a mouse hiding in a corner avoiding been ‘caught’ by the ‘cat’. =). This mural was done to create awareness of the need to protect animals (hmmm maybe not to the mouse though)


.. here is a ‘cat’ made of strings on a cloths pole.


Beautiful old houses on Armenian Street Ghaut.


Another hand painted cat at on a zinc panel at a bicycle rental shop. (oh yes… there’s lots of bicycle rental shops which you can rent bicycle to ride around the Georgetown Heritage area).


That’s all? Well… hell no!! There’s more to come. Let’s keep on moving!!!