Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (5)

This is my 2nd time walking on Lebuh Armenian on foot and each time I come, I find and see different things.

A typical old shop house. Inside, an old man making a rattan chair by hand. This is something you do not see much anymore.


Another metal art on the outside wall of a old heritage building.


yeah…. someone had a spark of idea to paint Minions on a divider and yes.. it caught a  lot of attention. =)


An old bicycle shop…. along Lebuh Armenian.


Magic show……. on the shuttle of a old shop.


Low cost advertising that caught my attention.


At the end of the street.


no more? no… this is only the half way point. =) Come…. dun stop. Stick with me and enjoy the ‘walk’ =)

Minions Rush @ McDonalds

Minions Rush or craze … that’s what I call it. Malaysian folks; young ones and the yuppies were going for the minions craze after the show ‘Despicable Me’.

McDonald in Malaysia and Singapore were giving out free Minions (while stocks last .. which only lasted like 2 hours or less) for each purchase of Happy Meal. They had a set 9 characters which was released over a period of few weeks and each time it was release it was sold out without hours.

So.. I took the jump in (what was i thinking off!!) and volunteered to queue up for my friend and see how crazy the Malaysian folks were on this Minions.

This was the numbered I got and this was even an hour before McDonald was opened. 300++!! (They just handed the number randomly to the people in the queue.. in actual I was like to 50th+ ppl in the line. =P )


The queue was getting longer as it gets closer to the opening time.



…. And they say that the queue start here!!


Finally got the 2 minions.


Looks cute to think if it. Haha.