Xmas – Gift exchange time!!!

It is the time of the year… for everyone to gather and celebrate the happy and joyous occasion; Xmas aside with the with family and friends but also with colleagues.

20121220-015024 PM.jpg
Lunch catering during office lunch.

20121220-015128 PM.jpg
Lamb and chicken satay…..

20121220-015148 PM.jpg
My plate of food … pure gluttony!!

20121220-015207 PM.jpg
Xmas present under the Xmas tree.

20121220-015234 PM.jpg
Present, present and more present!!!


Vegetarian for lunch (nice to have no meat at all for one of my meals!!)

It felt so good to hear that yesterday lunch was purely vegetarian cuisine. It felt so good!! At least my stomach had a rest as it was over working for the last few days churning all those meat. It is really a nice meal using just veg, nuts tau-fu and others.

20121130-071826 AM.jpg This is the appetizer.

20121130-071901 AM.jpg then came the soup.

20121130-071924 AM.jpg … Then was the main course.

There were a few more other extras but I did not bother to snap as I was busy eating then. Lol

Anyway it was another good meal in Taiwan.