Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (6)

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After enjoying the cold taro balls dessert, I headed down to see what at the bottom of the stairs.

20131012-045704 pm.jpg

Nice architecture of the old buildings along with the lanterns all around.

20131012-045713 pm.jpg

A lady doing calligraphy …. but if you look carefully, it is actually calligraphy made up of flowers and birds that made up the chinese names.

20131012-045721 pm.jpg

Another building mix along side with the old.

20131012-045730 pm.jpg

Old building converted to a restaurant.

20131012-045737 pm.jpg

More nice structures…..with some modern graffiti on it.

20131012-045745 pm.jpg

20131012-045757 pm.jpg

It is really nice place if you love old buildings and tight spaces. Lots of things to see and shoot.

Follow on my last posting on my walk in Jiufen.

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (6)

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Cute metal art showing the rickshaw ….


I was walking along Lebuh Pantai from Lebuh Armenian, I saw this paintingĀ  on the wall of the shops on the side of the Khoo Kongsi; cats carrying lanterns.


Exploring around.. hidden among the small alley at Ah Quee Street, I saw this mural painting of ‘Our Art is Dying’ by an unknown streetĀ  artist.


Another mural painting ‘The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This’ also at Ah Quee Street is part of the 101 Lost Kittens art project.


More metal art sculpture to enjoy……




Thanks for following me till this point but the walk is still not finish yet……….

Malaysia – Mid Autumn Festival; Moon Cakes and Lanterns (1)

Sorry to deviate from my travel tour from Malaysia – Georgetown; Continuation search for Street Art as I would like to share the current happening in Malaysia and also other Asian countries who are celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival. =P

While we are still the 7th Month Chinese Calender which also known as the Ghost Month, in Malaysia, the shopping complex are already selling the moon cakes and lanterns to celebrate the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival which falls on the middle of 8th month of the Chinese Calendar (19 Sept 2013) .

Moon cakes used to cost like rm5 per piece but over the years… due to the increase in the raw materials, the prices has slowly increasing till a price of up to rm20 per piece. The other is, the manufacturers also spent a lot of the packaging which so colourful.


Then for the kids, it is also the fun time for them to carry lanterns and at night on the mid autumn festival.

Below is the so-call traditional lanterns with uses candles to light up the lanterns.


Here are the modern lanterns that uses batteries and bulbs to light up.


and.. to make it more interesting for the kids… all sorts of characters… even.. Ironman, Doraemon, Ultraman also available !!! lol!!!


Stay tune for more……