Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (9)

Hi!! Thanks for staying with me till this far of my series. If you have missed my earlier half, pls do have a look so that you will be up to speed on my e-travel. =)

We are still in Anping Old Street, Tainan. Yup, in the middle of hot day, walking along the old streets of Anping on a weekend can be a challenge. It is getting more crowded as it gets further to the evening.

20140422-100148 pm.jpg

Animal shaped pancake. Aren’t they cute?

20140422-100152 pm.jpg

Colourful handmade handicrafts..

20140422-100203 pm.jpg

I diverted from the Old street and walked along some the small alleys that lead to homes of the locals there. Once you are in there, it’s like a maze (Maze walker) . =)

Beautiful view of the old houses and structures.

20140422-100207 pm.jpg

20140422-100214 pm.jpg

and not forgetting temples also.

20140422-100218 pm.jpg


Reflection shot.

20140422-100222 pm.jpg

Old banged up red door which is the entrance to someone home.

20140422-100233 pm.jpg


Like it? Well, this is still not the end yet. More posting coming. Just stay tune and keep following me. =)

A Visit to the Central Market…. in Kuala Lumpur

Last weekend, I made another stop on before heading home, was to the Central Market. hmmmm.. the last time I visited this place was more than 25yrs ago. It is a nice place to visit especially to see the local handicraft, souvenirs, antique items and some local foods. If there are the things that interest you, then this is the place to visit.

This place was around since 1888 (maybe not as a tourist site but as a wet market… long long time ago) and the area around here, has developed so much and so fast with building popping up around it. It still has original structure at the outside.

IMG_1227[1] This is the entrance.

IMG_1228[1] Statues outside the entrance.








IMG_1236This is at the side of the market. A huge wau (giant kite) structure.



This is a place worth to visiting for all even myself as you will find lots of things that you never think of finding.