Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip; Day1 Tainan Flower Night Market (5)

This is my final posting on my walk in the Tainan Flower Night Market.

Lots of things to do, eat and also enjoying the environment around.

Everywhere I went in the market, it was just pack (maybe certain area it was not so crowded…. just slightly)

20140426-095253 pm.jpg


Stall selling grilled giant escargots coated with cheese

20140426-095300 pm.jpg



20140426-095305 pm.jpg


More wonderful looking sugar coated strawberries…

20140426-095310 pm.jpg


Aside from food, there were also stalls selling toys and clothes.

20140426-095314 pm.jpg


pickled clams….

20140426-095320 pm.jpg


Kids (and adults too) loves this. It’s playtime.

20140426-095325 pm.jpg


Fresh cut fruits all packaged up.

20140426-095331 pm.jpg


mmmm… what’s this? Anyone?

20140426-095338 pm.jpg


Anyway… I had a full stomach and now, it’s time to head back to the hostel. Yup… another an hour’s walk back (and no, I did not take the buseven though I could). It is always nice to take a walk and see what around and this is what I managed to see when I was heading back; a life Chinese opera show along the street side.

20140426-095346 pm.jpg


So, what’s next? Well, catch me on my next posting where I will cover my 2nd day in Tainan and the places I visited. Wanna know which part? If yes, then follow me…… =)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip; Day1 Tainan Flower Night Market (4)

Hi! More food you may ask? Yup…. you are right on the dot!. This is one of nicest night market I have been (for food I mean) aside from Taipei’s Shihlin Night market which I think has become to touristy and also not much food choices. This is my personal opinion though.

Ok. Let get back to the food.. opps I meant the e-walk in the night market. =P

What’s this? Well.. it’s banana coated with chocolate. I did not try is as I needed to be selective as I have limited space in my stomach. LOL!!! Anyone tried it before?

20140426-095031 pm.jpg


As usual… human jam all along the night market. Packed to the brim!

20140426-095036 pm.jpg


Singapore Laksa noodles?? Did I see it correctly? Wow….  For laksa, the best one you should try is in Malaysia’s Penang laksa. One and only one.




20140426-095046 pm.jpg


I have not tried it… but I just wonder how it tasted. Guess it will not be spicy for my liking. Anyone?

20140426-095051 pm.jpg


Duck and it’s innards. This is one of the favourite that I seen when I was in Taiwan. Quite common everywhere.

20140426-095056 pm.jpg


Pick and choose what you want…..

20140426-095102 pm.jpg


Sugar coated fruit desserts… for those sweet tooth lovers. =)

20140426-095113 pm.jpg


Want to see more of what this night market can offer? Well, join me on the last posting on this series before I go the the next day series of Tainan. If you have not followed me, then click and follow me so that you will not missed out on the my e-travel. =)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip; Day1 Tainan Flower Night Market (3)

Hi there!! Guess you want to see more pictures of the food at the Tainan’s Flower Night Market. Well…. you are in the right place.

As my journey continues here, more food photos that will make you want to go there and give it a try.

Again, I will let the pictures tell you the story and also the ‘taste’ your head. =)

This stall sells deep fried century eggs

20140426-094745 pm.jpg


This is how it looks when it is deep fried.


20140426-094753 pm.jpg

Sprinkled with a some sauce which you can choose and top it off with spring onions.

20140426-094758 pm.jpg


This is mine. Taste? Damn nice. =) Usually I have it fresh from the shell with pickled ginger but for this one, it is different.

20140426-094804 pm.jpg


More food……. Just look at the crowd and people sitting around the tables having their wonderful meals.

20140426-094809 pm.jpg

20140426-094815 pm.jpg


and this one, it is one of the famous snacks in Tainan. It is called the coffin bread. Why you may ask? Well.. they will cut an opening in the middle of the thick toasted bread and then put in chicken soup in the middle and then cover it back with the piece that they have cut earlier. So, it does look like a coffin but it is square in shape. You will see a more clearer one in my coming posting.

20140426-094823 pm.jpg


Again…. packed with people!!!

20140426-094902 pm.jpg


More? Well… sure! I have more coming. Just stay tune…… =)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip; Day1 Tainan Flower Night Market (2)

Thanks for staying with me. Yup.. we are still at the Flower Nigher Market in Tainan.

Without saying much, the pictures below will tell you that you have lots of food choices. Do make sure you bring along a big and empty stomach as there are so many stalls with so many food to choose from.

I had the steamed bun with braised pork with fried egg. yum yum!!

20140426-094541 pm.jpg

20140426-094547 pm.jpg


Looks good? It tasted even better!

20140426-094553 pm.jpg


Deep fried chicken ….

20140426-094601 pm.jpg


More food stalls……

20140426-094608 pm.jpg

20140426-094616 pm.jpg

20140426-094628 pm.jpg


More food? Sure. More to come in my next post. Dun miss it out.  =P

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip; Day1 Tainan Flower Night Market (1)

Hi all!! Thanks again for joining me here. Hope you enjoy my detour on the Malaysia – Penang’s Rifle Range Morning Market for Breakfast posting.

Let’s get back to my Taiwan Trip.

Checked in and all ready for my evening walk in Tainan city. If you have missed my early half, do drop in and have a look;

Ok. Let’s get ‘walking’. =)

On the main road a block  away from my hostel, I saw this art creation in front of a restaurant. Can anyone guess what is it made of?

20140426-094345 pm.jpg

Walking on the street in Tainan at night, you get to see a lot of things (I opt not to take the taxi or the bus)

20140426-094352 pm.jpg

Where was I heading to? Well you guessed it. Taiwan night market. This is one the famous ones which is called the Tainan Flower night market. (P.S If you are planning to walk from Tainan train station to this night market, yes you can but be prepare to walk for about an hour to get there!!)

Just look at the crowd at the night market even before I arrived. There were just rows and rows of scooters parked.

20140426-094359 pm.jpg

People were practically walking back to back.

20140426-094409 pm.jpg


Stalls at both sides…..

20140426-094420 pm.jpg


Kids (and not to mention adults too!) love to come to night market as there are games and soft toys to win.

More food…..

20140426-094429 pm.jpg

20140426-094437 pm.jpg


Want more? Then stay tune…….