Suzhou …. a rush but enjoyable trip (1).

As always a holiday or trip abroad… anyone and everyone would love to spend as much time to see, learn and experience the culture in one place or country.

Well I had a chance a few months back, but for this trip,  it was rather a very short and rush one… which was to Suzhou, China. It was a rush trip and wasn’t really a holiday but more of attending a relative wedding there. It was a first time experiencing a wedding outside my own country as each of us know, each country or culture their own way and definitely, one would like to see and compare the difference. Anyway.. I will not be talking about that but I will just share what I seen and capture when I was there briefly.

DSC_0825  Pan Pacific Suzhou

DSC_0824Internal part of the hotel


DSC_0829 This is the external part. Looks like an old time of  China.

As Suzhuo is famous for its many garden, behind the hotel itself, there is a beautiful garden with the Pagoda.


DSC_0817The Pagoda


Some of the scenic views in Suzhou.



DSC_0808-001 The lorries waiting for their turn to unload their goods to the wholesale market.

day 22 sep 2012 (11)

The people and the activities which you can catch them doing candidly

DSC_0831 What are these people doing?

DSC_0832Well… this is what they are doing… they are removing the shell of this water vegetable which can be eaten raw or cook in cold dessert or even cooked with other vegetables.

This picture below is cute… can you spot something that is out of the ordinary?

 day 22 sep 2012 (17)

Have you ever seen a table that can sit 18 people? Well it is possible! I have heard than you can even sit up to 30 people per table!! That’s even bigger. The picture below is a place where they only had 1 table …yes 1 table in the whole restaurant and they just only serve that 1 table for the whole night. So you can imagine what will the cost of the meal, rite?

day 22 sep 2012 (66)

Anyway.. hope you like a brief outlook. If I had a chance… I will definitely go to Suzhou again and explore stay more longer … for sure!

Another lamb meat in hot pot

I thought teeters at dinner will be something easy on my stomach but I was wrong … Totally wrong. It was lamb meat in hot pot again. 2 days in a row!! but it was in a different place. Thank my lucky stars but it was still a strain to me stomach.

20121130-072259 AM.jpg
As usual, the places are in Taiwan are always pack during dinner especially the famous one. This one we had to wait for quite a while. By the time we sat down on the small little stools, tr food we ordered came quite fast.

20121130-072529 AM.jpg

20121130-072534 AM.jpg

20121130-072539 AM.jpg

20121130-072543 AM.jpg

20121130-072547 AM.jpg

20121130-072608 AM.jpg

20121130-072613 AM.jpg
The place was much better than the night before both in food and also the ventilation but it was still hot.

Gluttony is the word!!

Been eating heavy dinners for the last 3 days straight … and can feel the heaviness coming unto me.

Today I was brought to eat lamb meat meat buffet style in a small shop at a all alley out somewhere. The shops is popular and full of people. As usual we had to queue by the time we arrived there. Lucky the wait was short as all of us we hungry.

20121128-095729 PM.jpg Outside the shops .. with lots of helmets and raincoats as it was raining.

20121128-095737 PM.jpgAnother shot of the shop in case you want to know the name of the shop =)

20121128-095747 PM.jpg
Inside, it was stuffy and hot if compared to the outside which was cool. Actually the best time to eat lamb meat was on a cold day but today was not that cold but just cool as we could feel the heat and sauna in the shop.

20121128-095929 PM.jpg People enjoying the food.

20121128-095935 PM.jpg
On each table there is a stove  and they will serve the soup with the lamb meat into a pot and best part, it is free flow which you can ask them to refill.

20121128-100058 PM.jpg
Aside from that we also ordered fried rice (which was very tasty when fried with small shrimp) and fried noodles.

20121128-100211 PM.jpg
We can also pick and select the extra like vegetables, fish ball and others from the counter

20121128-100315 PM.jpg

20121128-100415 PM.jpg

20121128-100436 PM.jpg Yum yum… just look at the fat meat… HAHA!!

20121128-100442 PM.jpg

I believed we had a couple of refills and extras.

By the end of it, our pot was empty and our stomach fill to the brim!! and our clothes soaking wet with sweat Lol due to the sauna in the shop.