Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (3)

Great! You are still with me. Thanks!  =)

More food and sight of the Amphawa floating Market as we walk along the canal (while bumping with the locals and tourists)

Some of the dishes that I managed to order and enjoy.

20140413-090405 pm.jpg

Food seller selling pickled fruits….

20140413-090414 pm.jpg

Boats vendors lining up while waiting for customers to order food from them.

20140413-090424 pm.jpg

Mass of locals and tourist walking…. more like squeezing their way through.

20140413-090444 pm.jpg

Colourful Thai desserts to choose from…

20140413-090454 pm.jpg

.. colourful souvenirs to choose and buy.

20140413-090509 pm.jpg

You also can pick from those hanging on the walkway…….

20140413-090523 pm.jpg

More to choose from.

20140413-090535 pm.jpg

Interesting? Well… more to come. This is not even close to the end yet. =P


Malaysia – View of a Ramadan Bazaar (2)

Still at the Ramadan Bazaar.

More selections of food…

Murtabak.. Roti canai which either chicken or mutton filling in it.


Dishes eaten white steam rice to choose from.


Look at all those selection and also the red spicy colour. Haha


Another stall selling drinks..


Ikan bakar…. Grilled fish.


… Yum yum… Satay with peanut gravy.


Want more? Well follow me on my last post on my visit to the Ramadan Bazaar.