Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (34)

This is my last posting on Turkey and also the last night in Istanbul, Turkey. Still walking at the Spice Bazaar and it is getting late evening.


TurkeyDay8_12 (1)

TurkeyDay8_12 (2)

A beautiful night shot of the mosque with the moon at the background.

TurkeyDay8_12 (3)

For dinner time, we were brought to a restaurant that not only served but but also the Turkish dances and performances.
TurkeyDay8_12 (4)

TurkeyDay8_12 (5)

TurkeyDay8_12 (6)

TurkeyDay8_12 (7)

TurkeyDay8_12 (8)

TurkeyDay8_12 (9)

TurkeyDay8_12 (10)

Hope you enjoyed my posting of my trip in Turkey. Wanna know which country is next? If yes, then come and follow me here. 😊

China – Shenzhen’s Window of the World (5)

mmm.. this is my last part of the Window’s of the World before we ajourn for the night performance. (night performance?? – keep following me then you will know)  Yup, there a lot of monuments but I can’t show you all of it. It is best you see it yourself and enjoy it. It can take you the whole day to walk this place.

Oh yes. there also performances at certain times in the day from each countries (not all but the famous ones) for the visitor like the Maori dances, the folk and culture dances and others. Dun worry. If you missed the earlier one, there will be a repeats later in the day.

China_Shenzhen3 (1)Leaning Tower of Pisa

China_Shenzhen3 (2)

China_Shenzhen3 (3)

China_Shenzhen3 (4)

China_Shenzhen3 (5)

China_Shenzhen3 (6) Big Ben (London)

China_Shenzhen3 (7)

China_Shenzhen3 (8)

China_Shenzhen3 (9) Taj Mahal

China_Shenzhen3 (10)

Sunset here…. time to enjoy the evening performance that comes with the entry ticket. See ya later……..