Macau – A Ferry Trip Across (4)

Welcome back!

We are still at Senado Square. Over here I cant stop shooting pictures of the buildings and churches that is along the way to ruins of St Paul Cathedral. Every corner surprises you. You just have to keep your eyes wide open and your camera ready all the while. =)

Well.. I will not describe anymore but you just enjoy the pictures…..

Macau4 (1)

Macau4 (2)

Macau4 (3)

Macau4 (4)

Macau4 (5)

Macau4 (6)

Macau4 (7)

Macau4 (8)

Macau4 (9)

and the final stop, the ruins of St Paul Cathedral…. in my next blog. =P

Macau – A Ferry Trip Across (3)

Want more? Here are more pictures from the trip to Macau. It has a lot of nice old Portuguese buildings and churches too. Every corner you walk or head too, the buildings around  are so beautiful that you cannot stop taking pictures of them. (which is what I did =) )

Macau3 (1)

Macau3 (2)

Macau3 (3)

Macau3 (4)

Macau3 (5)

Macau3 (6)

All these places above are within walking distance to Senado Square,  which is famous for sightseeing. This would be the first place tourist will drop by.

Macau3 (7).

Macau3 (8)

Macau3 (9)

Macau3 (10)

To be continued……

Macau – A Ferry Trip Across (2)

Macau has lots of Churches and old Portuguese buildings. Portuguese words also can be found on their street signs. I really love to walk along the alley and see what is behind and not just the front only.

These are the places where you will see a lot more things  and you can capture the magic moments or scenes.

Here are some from shots.

Macau2 (1) one of the much older casinos on older side of Macau

Macau2 (2)

Macau2 (3)

Macau2 (4)

Macau2 (5) small alley in Macau

Macau2 (6)

Some of the churches in Macau….

Macau2 (7)

Macau2 (8)

Macau2 (9)

Macau2 (10)

More to come… stay tune!