Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (8)

Hi….. Still in old Tainan City. More specific, in one of the little alleys off Fuzhong street.

20140420-100603 pm.jpg

In fact, it was a weekend and there were many street stalls along the street. You could see a lot of interesting things that are sold. Not sure about weekdays though.

20140420-100623 pm.jpg


hmmm… what’s this? Anyone can tell me?

20140420-100646 pm.jpg


Saw this stall selling dessert; tofu with jelly. yummy…….

20140420-100701 pm.jpg


This is what I had.

20140420-100721 pm.jpg


Towards the end of Fuzhong Street, I saw this shop selling skewed food; they put a selection of food on a skewed and customers will choose what they like and dipped it into hot soup and when it’s cook, they can choose to dip it in variety of gravies. In Malaysia, it is called lok lok. What’s it call in Taiwan? Any guess?

20140420-100731 pm.jpg


Customers are spoil with some many choices…… =)

20140420-100743 pm.jpg


Walking back… saw this old Catholic church by the road side.

20140420-100756 pm.jpg


Another posting to end for the 1st out of the 2 days in Tainan Old City. Do stay with me, k? =)

A walk in Georgetown Heritage Area … (part 1)

Took a day off today and brought my son to town and be a tourist for the day. It was interesting as we had never taken the bus in town as most of the time I would drive and park and then drive.

This time I wanted it to be different. Park my car at one of the mall and took the free shuttle bus that will pick up the passengers at allocated places. There are about 19 stops in total and it goes in a loop. We were kinda lost at first as we were not sure where to catch the shuttle bus but eventually we found one of then and that’s when our trip began.

20121210-041535 PM.jpg
This is a shot of part of Georgetown from the mall car park.

20121210-041457 PM.jpg
A beautiful shot of the Komtar; the tallest building on the island.

20121210-041931 PM.jpg
As always, any where you walk in Penang, you will be able to find food at every corner. More on the food in my food blog. Follow it there on this.

20121210-042027 PM.jpg
This is the free shuttle which we hop on to get our ride around the heritage area of Georgetown.

20121210-042121 PM.jpg
The first stop was the oldest Anglican church on the island; St George’s Church.

20121210-042210 PM.jpg
An interior shot of te church.

Within walking distance was the Little India; it is an area where you can find lots of Indian shops selling from food to cloths to spices and others things

20121210-042452 PM.jpg

20121210-070738 PM.jpg

20121210-070745 PM.jpg

20121210-070846 PM.jpg
This shops sells just spices ….

Come and follow me on part 2 on the places that I covered in Georgetown Heritage area and pictures too.

Apparition of Mother Mary

Today took a trip to the Our Lady of Lourdes Church to see the apparition of Mary Our Mother which appeared on a glass panel in a hospital in Malaysia and now, it was moved to a chapel in a church. It a first time an apparition in Malaysia and people are flocking at the chapel to see this.

20121125-115125 AM.jpg

Our Lady of Lourdes Church.. on Klang

20121125-115233 AM.jpg

20121125-115251 AM.jpg
The apparition where Our Mother Mary appeared.

20121125-115304 AM.jpg

20121125-115316 AM.jpg

Grotto at the back of the church.