Japan – The Country side of Yamagata Prefecture (2)

In the Yamagata town, I walked around the housing area near the hotel which I was staying. I loved their simple wooden houses; clean and simply looking.


This is the hotel which I was staying. I had only like an hour to walk around and also have my breakfast. I had to quickly stroll around and capture as many shots as I can.


I was curious why they had this kind of ‘structure’ covering their bonsai. It was later only that I understood that this was to protect their bonsai trees from the winter snow. it was new thing to me as in Malaysia we never ever have snow or feel the 4 seasons like in Japan. Malaysia was just hot and wet weather all year round.


A back lane (or was it front lane??) where I passed through.


Another typical Japanese house. Wished I could enter and see how it was inside.


My breakfast for the morning in the hotel cafe. A lovely and healthy breakfast ( and not cheap!)


Another shot from my hotel room.


Looks like it was going to rain with the dark clouds overhead


…but eventually it cleared out.


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‘Light’ breakie

The day started a wet and cold morning. (again). It is still drizzling outside. Temperature I guess is 14C.

Hotel is providing the guest w complimentary breakie but do not expect a 5 star serving. It was mixture of western, Chinese and Japanese.

I started off w a light and simple one.
20121127-073607 AM.jpg

…. then came the heavy stuff.
20121127-073707 AM.jpg

It is just pure gluttony to start of the day but it is always good to have a good and heavy breakfast (but not always this heavy).