Taiwan – Hsinchu Morning Market (2)

Thanks for still hanging along with me here.

Still in the Hsinchu morning market, I was keeping an eye out for interesting things or activities in there.

Here’s a stall selling bak kwa (dried grilled meat). This is something very common in other Asian countries.

20131017-081109 pm.jpg

More food …..

20131017-081118 pm.jpg

20131017-081125 pm.jpg

This lady wass selling roasted pork knuckle. Sampled some of it and it tasted good.

20131017-081135 pm.jpg

Anyway… enjoy the photos of the food that I have capture below, It is really making me hungry here. LOL!!!

All sorts of Taiwan sausages…

20131017-081144 pm.jpg

Deep fried …..

20131017-081214 pm.jpg

Home made bread that looks like croissant.(but a bit too dry for me when I took a bite at it)

20131017-081220 pm.jpg

20131017-081227 pm.jpg

This is the other part of the market; dry area and small little shop lots within the market.

20131017-081233 pm.jpg

Hope you enjoy¬† my tour here. Wonder what’s next in Hsinchu? If you want, then follow me on my next posting. =)