Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (3)

Wow.. here’s  more pictures.

Painted on coffee canvas…. using charcoal.

20140202-083014 pm.jpg

20140202-083038 pm.jpg

What do you get when you mix milk with black coffee?

20140202-083105 pm.jpg

Painting of a girl playing with rubber band.

20140202-083128 pm.jpg

This is nice. It is totally done up with thumb tack.

20140202-083209 pm.jpg

Let’s head to the outside of the building……

Here’s the bad guy Lego figurine. (life size if I may say. If I am not mistaken.. it stands more than 5 feet or taller)

20140202-083351 pm.jpg

and.. an innocent red dress girl Lego figurine.

20140202-083405 pm.jpg

Lavatory for Gents and ladies…

20140202-083528 pm.jpg

Can you see the painting at the backdrop; 2 boys in a sampan (wooden boat) …..

20140202-083641 pm.jpg

More? Of course…… stay tune.

Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (2)

More picture from Ernest’s Exhibition……

20140202-082056 pm.jpg

Love this one…

20140202-082107 pm.jpg

An old man on a trishaw painted on an old window blind.

20140202-082124 pm.jpg

Another small boy on a doddle horse.

20140202-082249 pm.jpg

Another drawing on window blind….

20140202-082202 pm.jpg

Portraits on a wooden planks…..

20140202-082635 pm.jpg

20140202-082711 pm.jpg

20140202-082738 pm.jpg

Girl in pink on a yet another wooden plank.

20140202-082826 pm.jpg

like it? More to come……