USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (4)

Hi!! Sorry for the late posting. Been busy with work and traveling again (biz and not personal).

Anyway, glad that you are still following me on this series of mine in USA – Las Vegas.

Where was I? Oh yes. I am still walking down The Strip.

These were my very brief stops at the Las Vegas Hotel Casinos along the way.

Bally’s Las Vegas


The lovely Caesars Palace


Entrance to Caesars Palace….


Pool side of Caesars Palace.


Flamingo Las Vegas


Imperial Palace


Harrah’s Las Vegas



Practically to many to really go in and explore unless I am there for more days else, with just less than 8 hrs, I rather explore the whole street and see what’s to offer and maybe… maybe the next time when I am in Las Vegas, I will definitely stay longer and explore more of Las Vegas.

Hey.. wait on.. I have not finish yet on this series. Stay tune for my next posting. =P

4 thoughts on “USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (4)

  1. Looked like a nice and sunny day there in Las Vegas. Beautiful architecture, Caesar’s Palace looks like it’s glowing golden. If I were you and had only 8 hours to spend there, I would definitely spend time wandering out doors and covering as much ground as I could. Hope you enjoyed and looking forward to the next post 🙂

    • Yup. The weather was good. Not too hot. In fact, I did wandered under the sun from early morning till late afternoon before I caught my bus back to San Francisco. Walked till my legs were like jelly-o. HAHA!!!

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