Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (12)

Hello! Where are we you may ask? Well, we are still in Anping Old Street, Tainan, Taiwan.

If you have been followed me in my previous posting, you will get the direction where I am heading.

Still walking along this long street, slowly, as there were so much things to see, many short stops to do some food tasting at the little snack stalls.=P

Here  we see a stall where kids, and adults too cooking their own caramel cake (if I am correct, pls correct me if I am wrong here)

20140422-102718 pm.jpg

Kids really enjoying this but of course, with their parents around to help them else the cake may be burnt or overcooked food.

20140422-102733 pm.jpg

Long queue for……? Well, this stall is selling pickled fruits. Guess locals love eating them.

20140422-102741 pm.jpg

Moving deeper into Anping Old Street……

20140422-102746 pm.jpg

Stall selling drink….

20140422-102752 pm.jpg

Prawn crackers. Lots of stall selling fresh made from crackers where they used machines to make them. Lots of different flavour to choose from.

20140422-102757 pm.jpg


The end? Well… we are 2/3 there in this series. Want more? Well.. yes, there’s more. Just stay tune. =)