Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (11)

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This series of my posting is on my trip to Tainan, Taiwan back  on Apr 2014. It’s a 2 days short weekend trip to enjoy the history and, mostly scouting for their local food snacks. This is my 2nd day walk about. If you have missed  my earlier posting of my 1st day and my earlier half of my 2nd day, do backtrack on my older post so that you can be up to speed with me on my ‘e-walk’ =)

We are walking along Gubao Street heading to the famous old street; Anping Old Street where where all the happenings are.

20140422-102456 pm.jpg

Now at one end of Anping Old Street……

20140422-102503 pm.jpg

As it was a weekend, it was packed with people, walking in all direction. It was a human jam. At times, it could be standstill (just for a few minutes though =P )

Lots of stalls selling snacks to hot cooked food, to souvenirs and clothes and other stuff.

20140422-102510 pm.jpg

hhmmmm what’s this?

20140422-102520 pm.jpg

and this?

20140422-102529 pm.jpg

.. guess there are way too much to choose from.

20140422-102537 pm.jpg


This is another shot in Anping Old Street at one end. Yup, the street is narrow with stalls on both sides.

20140422-102544 pm.jpg

20140422-102553 pm.jpg


Well, this is only part of Anping Old Street. Wanna see more? Then dun stop. Keep following me on my next posting. =)