Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (8)

Welcome back!!

Hope you enjoyed my series on my Tainan; 2 days History trip. Well, we are just only half way through this 2nd day of my series.

To get some of you up to speed, we are currently at Anping Old street in Tainan city. ¬†Walking down this historical place and enjoying the scenic of old building and houses, and… and not forgetting¬†the street food that are available here.

A shot of an old house of it’s window (panels). Yup, red bricks.

20140422-100011 pm.jpg


Locals and tourists walking in the street market.

20140422-100015 pm.jpg


Food time!!! Looks like one of the famous ones. How do I know? You can they have pictures of the owner with famous personalities that have throng to their place. Guess.. it must be good then. =P

20140422-100020 pm.jpg


Menu? Easy. If you do not read Chinese. Just point at the photos when you order. haha… that’s what I did. =)

20140422-100025 pm.jpg


This is their menu where you place your order by putting the quantity you want next to the item you like, then you bring it to the counter, pay and wait for your meal to be sent to your table.

20140422-100029 pm.jpg


hhhmmm.. what’s this? Toasted bread?

20140422-100033 pm.jpg


Yup, it is but it has chowder filling in the center of the toasted bread. Any guess what’s called?

20140422-100037 pm.jpg


Well… it’s called coffin toasted bread! Guess the picture tell the whole story how the name came about.

More food? Well… yes of course. Stay with me on the next posting to see more. =)