Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (5)

Welcome back!! Guess you wanted to see what  it looks like in the Dazhong temple in the Sihcao Ecological Park. Glad that you are back. =)

It’s really beautiful and detailed architecture (not to mentioned it’s really red inside too =) ).

20140422-095430 pm.jpg

20140422-095435 pm.jpg

On the other side outside the temple, of course there’s food stalls and what’s famous in Tainan? It’s the oyster.

20140422-095440 pm.jpg

For me, I wanted something light as I know I will be heading to another place where there’s even more food to try and eat. So, I have to leave space in my stomach and take it is easy here. LOL!!

What’s light? Well, the prawn tempura; lots of prawns on a piece.

20140422-095447 pm.jpg

Deep fried oyster with chives

20140422-095453 pm.jpg

Filled with oysters cook in deep fried coated with dough and chives.

20140422-095458 pm.jpg

.. and my deep fried prawn tempura.

20140422-095508 pm.jpg

That’s for making my stomach happy for a short while. Now, to head to my next destination. Where? Follow me and find out. =)


22 thoughts on “Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (5)

        • Yup. I remember that very clearly when I was in Melb during my years of study. Huge portion that can feed 2 people. Initially I could not finish but after a while I was becoming a pig!! HAHA!! I believe in Melb also have you tiao in Little Bourke Street right?

          • After all these years, I still can’t finish most meals in restaurants in Melbourne. Can’t finish a bowl of fried noodles here. You know what, the portions at McDonalds here are quite small actually. But so expensive – a medium burger meal will set you back close to $10 now.

          • I think MCD burgers are nearly the same size everywhere. It’s a standard I think. The price also is also one to one. In Msia, a set meal also cost close to $10. (assuming 1 to 1). Same goes for Taiwan.

          • LOL. We grow up, we get bigger, and things around us get smaller. So true, actually. But then again, we all know, many places like to cut cost on food and deliberately shrink the size of their meals 🙂

          • Yup. Guess we have to blame it on inflation. For them to maintain the same cost, one of the way is to slowly shrink the food portion in stages and hopefully their customers does not realize it or just get used to it after a while. Dun u think so?

          • Oh definitely. Recently in Australia, Cadbury shrunk their chocolate block size from 220g to 200g, maintaining the same price. Very sad, but it’s a move they had to make for financial reasons.

          • Yup. Guess that’s one way to keep their profit stable. I believe everyone and companies are also cutting cost. Things and prices have inflated so much lately. Really sad… =(

  1. My husband would be in heaven with those oysters, but I have a shellfish allergy so not for me. Technically I’m allergic to “molluscs” which are the shellfish with hinges , but can eat most “crustaceans” like prawns, but it’s advised to only eat crustaceans in very small quantities and not very often.

    That deep fried prawn tempura certainly looks like it could make it onto my “treat” list 🙂

    (why am I suddenly feeling hungry when I only just had breakfast?)
    Yummy photos!

    • haha.. guess it is all in the mind. It’s telling the your stomach that you have more food. Well, Tainan is indeed famous for it’s oysters but there are lots more other famous snacks and desserts which you can choose. So, dun worry if you missed on oysters, it will be covered by others food. =)

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