Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip; Day1 Tainan Flower Night Market (4)

Hi! More food you may ask? Yup…. you are right on the dot!. This is one of nicest night market I have been (for food I mean) aside from Taipei’s Shihlin Night market which I think has become to touristy and also not much food choices. This is my personal opinion though.

Ok. Let get back to the food.. opps I meant the e-walk in the night market. =P

What’s this? Well.. it’s banana coated with chocolate. I did not try is as I needed to be selective as I have limited space in my stomach. LOL!!! Anyone tried it before?

20140426-095031 pm.jpg


As usual… human jam all along the night market. Packed to the brim!

20140426-095036 pm.jpg


Singapore Laksa noodles?? Did I see it correctly? Wow….  For laksa, the best one you should try is in Malaysia’s Penang laksa. One and only one.




20140426-095046 pm.jpg


I have not tried it… but I just wonder how it tasted. Guess it will not be spicy for my liking. Anyone?

20140426-095051 pm.jpg


Duck and it’s innards. This is one of the favourite that I seen when I was in Taiwan. Quite common everywhere.

20140426-095056 pm.jpg


Pick and choose what you want…..

20140426-095102 pm.jpg


Sugar coated fruit desserts… for those sweet tooth lovers. =)

20140426-095113 pm.jpg


Want to see more of what this night market can offer? Well, join me on the last posting on this series before I go the the next day series of Tainan. If you have not followed me, then click and follow me so that you will not missed out on the my e-travel. =)

8 thoughts on “Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip; Day1 Tainan Flower Night Market (4)

  1. Thanks! Me an my fiance will be going to taiwan next year June again and spending one whole day in tainan! Hope u can share the hotel; things to take note and those must see! Looking forward!

    • Well.. I stayed in a very cosy dorm (sorry not a hotel though) in Tainan. It is near the train station (about 15min walk). A day trip in Tainan based on my experience is not enough. You will need at least 2 days and 1 night. If you like more info, you can email to me.

  2. I love markets! Your pictures are amazing. Happy new year and thanks for sharing . Hopefully in 2015 I can pay a visit to Taiwan and see some of the gorgeous places you’ve recommended x

    • Thanks!! I also love the visiting markets. Always make it a point to visit one when I travel whether it is a day or night market, wet or dry one. I have more write up coming soon on my recent holiday in Taiwan. Stay tune!

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